TNT Express Tracking

TNT Express Tracking

An international express courier service company, affiliated with FedEx.

KazPost Shipment and Parcel Details

TNT Express is one of the largest express delivery companies around the world with delivery of more than 200 countries and occupies an advanced position within the competing companies in the old continent Europe. The company works to deliver parcels and documents safely and on time. This company provides various services, including:


  • 9:00 Express: Delivery by 9 AM on the next possible business day and documents and parcels delivered to major cities in more than 40 countries.
  • 12:00 Express: Delivered by noon after the next business day. Documents, parcels and freight are sent to major cities in more than 65 countries.
  • Express: Delivery before work ends on the next possible business day. Through this service, documents, parcels and freight are delivered to about 200 countries around the world.
  • Economy Express: Economy, a specific day for parcel delivery and shipping is less urgent. The delivery time will be longer and documents, parcels and freight will be shipped to about 200 countries around the world.
  • IDE (Integrated Direct Express): IDE is ideal for shipments destined for multiple delivery addresses in another country and this service enables the sending of documents, parcels and freight to all countries of the world.

Track TNT Express packages

17track gives you an easy way to track TNT Express parcels as you have to put your tracking number in the empty field on the site and then click on tracking and you will then get the latest information about your package or shipment movements.

How do I find the tracking number for TNT Express?

TNT Express Tracking Number can be obtained in several ways including:

  • From the orders page of the purchase site in case the product was shipped with TNT Express
  • Of the papers received by the client after sending his package through an office of the company ..

How long does it take for parcels or shipment to arrive with TNT Express?

Most scheduled parcels can be received in the same day. In some remote areas, packages must be scheduled in advance one day to ensure the packaging is packed the next day. The exact transportation time depends on the type of service and the location of receipt and delivery.

TNT Express Tracking Number Forms

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • *** ***
  • *** *** **
  • *** *** ***
  • GD *** *** *** WW
  • GE *** *** *** WW

What does it mean that the parcel or shipment is “in transit” state for TNT Express?

This usually means that the parcel is on its way to the addressee.

What does it mean the parcel or shipment is in “delivered” status for TNT Express?

The delivery has been completed, which means that the customer has received his package, the delivery process has ended.

What does it mean that the parcel or shipment is in the “returned to sender” for TNT Express?

In some cases, the package cannot be delivered to the addressee for any reason. Therefore, this procedure is often taken to return the package to the sender.

What is the procedure in case the package is lost or stolen with TNT Express?

You can only post a loss claim if your parcel is not cleared for 3 or more business days after the delivery is estimated. You can find the estimated delivery date here. If this is the case, please click here to chat and start the claim and query process.